1. Qtn: Does Floatrfq.com charge commissions on transactions done between buyers and sellers? 

Ans: No.

2. Qtn: Can someone advertise on Floatrfq.com? 

Ans: Yes. We charge for advertising your banner(s) or referring you as a partner website. You can contact us for details and availability of space on FIFO basis. 

3. Qtn: Can buyers display products? 

Ans: No. Sellers can only display their products. If you have products to sell then we recommend you to register as a seller and not as a buyer.

4. Qtn: Can Sellers also post RFQ?

Ans: Yes. Sellers can post RFQ as well as display their products.

5. Qtn: When making payments, why do I see the name NUSRAT RABBI?

Ans: This is because NUSRAT RABBI is the owner of this website. You will see either NUSRAT RABBI or FRQ on your statement of accounts, which is the payment done to our account.

6. Qtn: Can a person have multiple accounts?

Ans: No. A person with same name and email address cannot have multiple accounts.

7. Qtn: Can we have multiple accounts for the exact same company name?

Ans: Yes. Buyers and Sellers with different names and email addresses can have accounts even though bearing the exact same company name. Note, company name with any slight difference will be taken as an entirely different company name.

8. Qtn: I am unable to pay through your PayPal and 2CheckOut gateways, what should I do?

Ans: Kindly get in touch with us through our "Contact Us" page, Email or WhatsApp link and we will be glad to help you find a solution.